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Foundation, Corporate
and Individual Sponsors

The Houston Endowment
The Albert and Ethel Herzstein Charitable
The Strake Foundation
Robert Eckels
Mark Bing
Enterprise Bank
Tucker Foundation 

Public Support
The City of Katy

Katy Area Economic Development Council
Katy Business Association

Matching Donations

Individual Contributors

Corporate Members
Amegy Bank www.amegybank.com
Fala Creative www.falacreative.com
Houston Community College www.hccs.edu
Katy Area Chamber of Commerce www.katychamber.com
Katy Independent School District  www.katyisd.org  
Katy Family YMCA www.ymcahouston.org/katy
Memorial Hermann Katy Hospital  www.memorialhermann.org
State Farm Insurance-Matt Schomberg, Agent www.mattschomburg.biz
Sunset Pools www.sunsetpoolsinc.com

Life Members
Adams Law Firm www.theadamslawfirm.com
Aker Kvaerner Pyramid
Barker, Dona
Bing, Dorothy
Brazos Valley Services (A/C and Heat) (Sealy Katy) http://www.brazosvalleyservices.com
Callender, Doyle and Kay
Cardiff, Joyce
Cardiff, Hal and Lynn
Enterprise Bank www.mybank-enterprise.com
Grimes, William and Ardath
Hackemack, OD or Nadyne  
Katy Magazine www.katymagazine.com
King, Craig (Mainlane Industries)
McAlister, Patty
Maxwell, Troy
Murray, Betty
Prosperity Bank
Rhoads, Orval and Diane                                                                                                                                                                 Roberts, Vern and Mary
Rylander, Roberta
Stanberry, Janet
Tradition Bank www.traditionbank.com
Tucker Foundation
Vickery, Downy and Kavin

Adams, Hill and Carol
Ambers Design
Argo, Vernice
Byrd, William and Sandra
DiIorio, Pat and Beth
Eriksen, Paul and Helen
Hegar, Joe and Marilyn
Hestilow, Jo Marie
Hodge, Bob and Ann
Janda, Ken and Tracy
Langford, Lisa
Lilly, Norma Jean
Lobb, Jim and Joyce
Longhi, ED and Mabel
Lopez, Eddie, Rosanne and Bethany
Mikeska, Larry and Linda
Minze, David and Carol
Murray, Greg and Kathy
Parker, George and Judy
Schmidt, Hank and Sandy
Stamatedes, Carol and Michael
Watson, James and Joan
Warmke, Aggie
Wolman, Ray and Jamie
Woods, James D. and Patricia

Bieber, Terri and Scott
Blanton, Charlie and Joy
Brooks, Charlotte and Wendell
Coleman, Richard and Theresa
Frishman, David and Marilyn
Goddard, David and Irene
Gorden, Marjorie
Hegar, Glenn and Dara
Morgan, Jimmy and Wanda
Murray, Andy and Karen
Pepper, Joanne and Ed
Pfeffer, Barney
Raia, Thomas and Susan
Ray, Rebecca and Dudley
Rheman, Mary Alice
Spier, Derek and Julie
Taylor, Lynn
Turner Partners Architects
Zerwas, John

Beckendorff, Lawrence and Pam
Berg, Roy and Carole
Berger, Kenneth and Debbie
Bing, Mark
Bryce, Joe and Gloria
Caldwell, Alan and Betty
Castles, Mary Ellen
Chestnutt, Heather Goynes and Robert
Conner, Skip and Kay
Cooper, Judith
Cuba, Christiana
Goolsby, Kaye
Herzberg, James
Huttenhoff family
Kourie, Patricia
Marcos, Caroline Z.
Marhofer, Sue
McNamara, Rachel
Newnom, Linda
Nix, Lorraine
Phillips, Tina
Pierson, Steve
Prince, Julie
Purvis, Sherrie
Rao, Don and Jan
Rao, Vicki and Alex Kadin
Roberts, Jo Ann
Stilwell, Randy and Christine
Trotter, Buddy
Williamson, E.L. and Pat
Woods, Terry

In Kind Donations
Alarm One
City of Katy Parks Department
Consolidated Communications
Enterprise Bank
Fala Creative
Republic Waste 

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