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Adam Stockdick sold this acre of land located near the intersection of FM 1463 and I-10 to the Colored Baptist Church for $37.50 in January, 1929. The church was located on Danover on land that Stockdick had donated to them in 1915. Today, the cemetery is still owned by the church, known now as Antioch Baptist Church - in a newer building on the same location on Danover.

The church has done a lot of work already, the cemetery has been cleaned up and a new fence installed around part of it. The Heritage Society is working to have the historic location recognized as a Texas Landmark to protect it from future growth in the area.  We are seeking support to finish the project. One of the puzzling elements of this restoration project is identifying who exactly is buried here, and where.  We have lists of persons who are interred there - the graves we can find don't match the list. Some of the names on the list are marked, but there are many more names listed than identifiable graves...and some graves with names that are not on the list. So we really have to have the ground radar imaging to map where there are graves. A number of early settlers are buried here and a significant part of our history is represented by the graves of farm workers, veterans and MKT railroad employees.

Once we can identify where all the existing graves are, we want to mark them some simple way. We'd like to make some kind of large marker with an explanation of the history - and some kind of monument with the names of folks there in unknown locations. We'd like to help put fence on the remainder of the cemetery to additionally protect it from new development that is coming around it. And we need to a nice simple sign on the fence with the name of the cemetery and  information on how to contact the owner/operator.  While we're hoping to make these changes, we are also working to file the paperwork with the state to try to have this location recognized as historically significant - something important to permanently protect it from development that will no doubt occur all around it.

It is an important project, we have been down there a lot, measuring and making notes, taking photos, copying headstone information....folks stop by, they're curious about the cemetery. We've seen people come to just wander around, to pick up trash....interested in what is going on there and grateful for recent improvements. From the standpoint of the Katy Heritage Society, we are really happy to be working on it - our mission statement is to preserve and protect Katy history - this is exactly what we're about. 

July, 2011

We are pleased to announce that this project is completed. The cemetery has been designated a Historic Texas Cemetery and the city has installed a historic marker at this site. 

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