We open our historic homes at Katy Heritage Park free to the public, we also operate the MKT museum in the old Depot. We own our homes and are responsible for all maintenance and the operation of our facilities. We also distribute educational literature and newsletters, take outreach programs into schools and private groups and have many working projects to protect and preserve the historic resources of the Katy area for the use, education, enjoyment and economic benefit of present and future generations.

History of the Katy Heritage Society

In 1979 a group of concerned citizens who wanted to save the old MKT depot, which was slated for demolition, formed the Katy Heritage Society. Since that time, the Katy Heritage Society has been working as a 501(c)3 charitable organization to fulfill one mission: to further educational and cultural development of the community by preserving and restoring historical landmarks and documents.

That same year the depot was moved to Katy City Park and carefully restored. Three more historic buildings and a caboose were acquired through generous donations from First Baptist Church Katy and the Rylander family, and a small historical park was established on East Avenue. In 2003, when another historic home was acquired from First United Methodist Church Katy, we recognized a need for more space and an new opportunity to create a park with the City of Katy. Through that partnership we moved our four historic homes to the new location on George Bush Drive and created Katy Heritage Park. After a two-year restoration project, we opened a beautiful community park that includes the Wright Museum, a museum of local and state history housed in a historic home; the Featherston home, furnished circa early 1900's; the Stockdick house that can be rented for meetings and special events and the Old Katy Post Office. In 2006, Tradition Bank donated a new bandstand for our park and St. Paul’s Episcopal Church donated the old Humble Gas Plant Mess Hall building. Also in 2006, the old MKT depot and our caboose were moved once again, restored once again, and opened on First Street as a railroad museum and visitors center.

Today, The Katy Heritage Society opens our historic homes for free public tours, we host free community concerts from our bandstand, conduct tours for students and tourists and serve as a key source for historic information and research in the area.

We are excited about our work and take our role as stewards of our gifts and history very seriously. The work of the Katy Heritage Society will provide an important link to our rich legacy for generations to come. Moreover—perhaps most important—our work contributes to both the economic viability and small town atmosphere of Katy today. Please consider supporting the work of the Katy Heritage Society with a donation or membership.

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