Katy, a great place to be!

The site of the City of Katy was once only wide open coastal prairie. This area was the feeding ground for wild buffalo, cattle and deer; it was home to wolves and other wildlife and many flocks of birds. Indians hunted upon the abundant resources and early Texans came looking for opportunity.

In the mid-1800’s a few settlers established homes here and area came to be known as Cane Island; named for the cane-break filled creek that still runs through it today. But until the late 1800’s this area was little more than a stage coach stop between Houston and San Antonio. The Missouri-Kansas-Texas railroad set tracks in 1895, by then the area was known as “Katy” and by the time a depot was built in 1898 the area was flourishing. New families came for the fertile land and temperate climate and the area prospered as a farming community, enjoying the benefits of being on the busy railroad line to Houston. The 1900 Galveston storm devastated the small town and some of the early settlers left but even more came to replace them and Katy thrived.

Early settlers farmed rice, cotton and citrus crops. In 1934 the Humble Oil and Refining Company began drilling west of town. In 1942 the Katy Gas Field was operating on over 30,000 acres of open pastures and farm land. This field yielded the products that made all the allied forces aviation fuel for WWII, funded the young Katy ISD and doubled the population of Katy in two years. The gas plant remained in operation until 2002. Ranching and rice farming are still important and large rice fields are cultivated in the area today.

A lot has changed since those first few settlers came here to make their homes. In 1945 the City of Katy was incorporated, since that time the city has enjoyed a small town feeling while being just 30 miles from the center of Houston. This area west of Houston has seen tremendous growth and the City of Katy has developed and prospered. Over 14,000 Katy residents now call Katy home. They enjoy a safe and quiet small town atmosphere with a rich history and bright future. We hope you will too.
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