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Katy Heritage Park, Katy Railroad Park, and the historic caboose are some of the most sought-after areas for photography. Whether it be weddings, senior pictures, or updated family photos this park is a great place for photography.


The structures at Katy Heritage Park are private property, but the Heritage Society allows individuals to purchase a license to be able to use these structures as stunning backdrops for their personal and business use.


Print the form below and mail it with a check or use the PayPal button to pay and you can email us your completed form to


This is an automatic- recurring annual payment. All payments to the Katy Heritage Society are a donation and not refundable.



More Information

These historic homes cost a significant amount of money to renovate and upkeep yearly. As a nonprofit- we have to be creative in how we earn the tens of thousands of dollars each year to maintain these structures.

We appreciate your cooperation and respect of Katy history!

The grassy area is public property and a city park. No license is needed to take pictures of the homes. License is needed to access the steps, porches, fences, caboose, and gazebo.

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